Jürgen R. Ziegler

Photography, RollerDerby. He/Him.

Living in Heidelberg, Germany

Born 1965

Derby addicted since 2014

How did you get into Roller Derby?

I'm old enough to remember "Disco Rollers" from the 70's. Back then it was mostly associated with dancing and music like in this Trailer (YT). I also remember the film Rollerball (1975) and as a big fan of Elliot Page it was only a matter of time that I watched Whip It!.

After that I googled all about Roller Derby, found a team near my hometown (RocKArollers) and discovered that a new team directly in the neighborhood was freshly founded (Rhein-Neckar Delta Quads).

Before I even watched my first Bout in Karlsruhe, the DeltaQuads took part in an event along the Neckar river (Lebendiger Neckar).

So I geared up with a vest and asked if I could take some pictures. Same for the first bout, I just showed up and asked. Luckily another photographer explained a lot, e.g. told me the do's and don'ts. (Marcus, I still owe you one.)

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